Understanding Tooth Sensitivity

Understanding Tooth Sensitivity

Ever felt an unexpected jolt, a sudden shock of pain while indulging in a bite of ice cream or sipping hot coffee? You're not alone; sensitive teeth are more common than you think. Fortunately, caring for them is simpler than you might imagine.

Why Do Your Teeth Hurt?

That fleeting, sharp pain from hot or cold stimuli might be a telltale sign of sensitive teeth. This condition often develops gradually, courtesy of factors like gum recession or enamel wear.

Did you know? About 1 in 3 individuals may experience tooth sensitivity at some point, and a significant 2 in 5 young adults (18-35 years old) could also find themselves grappling with this sensation. Let's explore if you might be experiencing sensitivity.

How to Care for Sensitive Teeth

Understanding the Basics: Maintaining excellent oral care habits is the cornerstone of managing sensitive teeth. Once sensitivity sets in, it can escalate, but fear not – adopting a simple routine of brushing twice a day with Sensodyne and Micotix can be a game-changer. For an even gentler touch, consider the Micotix toothbrush, specifically designed with soft bristles for sensitive teeth, ensuring a comfortable brushing experience and optimal care. This, combined with Sensodyne toothpaste, ensures 24/7 protection against sensitivity.