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Micotix Whitening Strips

Micotix Whitening Strips

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Brighten Your Smile with Our Latest Innovation: Introducing the Micotix Whitening Strips! 

Hey there! If you're here, you've likely heard about our latest addition: the Micotix Whitening Strips. We've been eagerly anticipating their release, so let's dive right in and give them the spotlight they deserve! These little wonders are not your average whitening solution. Enamel-safe and peroxide-free, our strips offer a safe and effective way to brighten your smile. Ideal for those with busy schedules, our whitening strips are a breeze to use and promise visible results in just 14 days!

But how do they work, you ask? Check out the simple steps below and get ready to dazzle with your brighter smile in no time!

To start, ensure your hands are dry for precise application. Tear open the packet along the dotted line and gently peel the strips from the backing paper, taking one strip at a time.

Next, align the top strip with your gum line and firmly press the adhesive side onto your teeth. Any excess strip can be gently folded behind your teeth to ensure a snug fit and optimal stain removal. Repeat the process for your bottom teeth, securing the small tab behind them.

Now, kick back and relax! Our innovative whitening strips can be worn while you tackle your daily routine, whether it's catching up on emails, prepping for the day ahead, or simply unwinding. Let the Micotix Whitening Strips work their magic for up to 30 minutes for best results.

Once your session is up, remove the strips and rinse your mouth thoroughly. For an extra boost and long-lasting protection against stains, we recommend pairing our strips with our Refreshing Toothpaste. Or, for the ultimate whitening experience, why not try our Whitening Kit? It combines our signature Tooth Polish, Toothpaste, and Whitening Strips for an unmatched level of radiance.

Commit to this effortless routine for just 14 days, and prepare to greet the world with a brighter, more confident smile! Ready to embark on your whitening journey? Don't wait any longer—give our Micotix Whitening Strips a try today! And be sure to share your stunning results with us @micotixresults on social media!

With love from Micotix 

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